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Agora Art Gallery - Amforeas Workshop

On the new highway, Mycenae-Nafplion, just 3.5 km from the famous archaeological site of Mycenae, Greece, we have built the multi -functional venue Agora where visitors can be guided through ancient Greek art. Agora successfully combines the art gallery with the museum. From the Cycladic and Minoan civilization until the Classical Greek period, it is rich in handcraft ed statues, figurines and vases, exact replicas of the ancient Greek ones. The collection is completed with gold and silver jewelry with ancient Greek as well as more modern patterns that impress with their craftsmanship. In the Amforeas Workshop, a modern and fully equipped pottery, art is created with exact replicas of famous masterpieces of antiquity, such as the Venus de Milo, the Jockey of Artemision and the Discus Thrower of Myron as well as unique vases, figurines and other archaic items of the ancient Greek heritage. The long family experience, which already spans to two generations, has led to the Art of Decoration. We professionally decorate buildings of all types, such as banks, museums, educational organizations as well as mansions, villas and houses, giving the ideal propositions and suggestions for lovers of the ancient civilization of Greece and the passionate collectors who want the best of the best. Visit the Agora Art Gallery and "travel" in the days of Ancient Greece, the cradle of civilization, which gift ed hundreds of years ago, the light around the world.

Managing Director
Stelios Maragos